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Welcome to MagicEquus®!

MagicEquus®, Human and Horse Training Center, offers professional internships, courses and workshops:

        Preveterinary-veterinary internships: 2-4 week veterinary programs in equine medicine, ruminant medicine, animal behavior and welfare.

        Animal training internships: full immersion internship for students of animal behavior, equine studies, and animal trainers.


         Science based humane animal training course : 3-day course for professionals and trainers.

        "Miniature Therapy Horse Foundation" workshop: 3-day workshop for therapists and handlers involved in horse assisted therapies.


    Learn under the guidance of our international faculty members, all experienced veterinarians, animal behaviorists and trainers,

practice your skills with over 30 amazing miniature horses and other animals and,

enjoy a once in a lifetime learning experience on our beautiful 30 acres teaching ranch in the green paradise of Spain, Asturias!