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American miniature horse: Dimundo Navajos Midnight Buckeroo

 Caballo miniatura americano ultrarefinado


Name: Dimundo Navajos Midnight Buckeroo "Milly" 

Date of birth: 06/03/2009 

Height: 30 inches 

Color: smokey black

Dam: HCM Navajo Zia (appaloosa)

Sire: Little Kings Midas Buckeroo, Buckeroo son, National Top Ten USA

Genetic testing: tested FREE of all 6 mutations known to cause dwarfism (ACAN D1, D2, D3, D4 and skeletal atavism)

AMHA registry nº: A 198322 parentage qualified

Ultrarefined, arabian type mare with absolutely huge eyes! Milly consistently passes on her refinement to her babies, producing wonderful foals such as Magicequus Silver Jewel and MagicEquus Karisha Silver Sensation, both extremely elegant silver foals. Milly carries one copy of the sought after cream gene (N/Cr).