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Miniature therapy horse: Impetuoso MagicEquus SOLD

Caballo miniatura de terapias Impi MagicEquus

 Name: "Impi" (official name: Impetuoso MagicEquus)

Date of birth: 26/05/2015

Sex: gelding

Color: piebald

Expected adult height: 82 cm

Current weight: 80 kg

Training level: at the final stage of therapy horse training

Price category: Impi will be for sale once graduated from therapy horse training

Registry: European miniature horse (50% AMH), DNA tested

Impi is currently at the final stage of his training as a miniature therapy horse. He already has proven himself as very patient and loving with children of all ages. He is bomb solid in traffic and knows how to climb stairs as well. Impi is a very inquisitive, smart miniature horse and a very quick learner. He also is initiated in horse agility, which he enjoys a lot. Impi is the son of our tiny stallion Dimundo Navajos Magia Negra, aka Magic. Impi is of intermediate size, with the perfect height to be able to place his head on the border of a high hospital/hospice bed.