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American miniature horse: MagicEquus LeRoy Magic Rhythm

caballo miniatura americano pinto

Name: MagicEquus LeRoy Magic Rhythm

Date of birth: 18/03/2018

Sex: colt (both testicles descended, will be gelded this autumn)

Color: piebald

Dam: Brume d´Avril du Cap de la Coste

Sire: Dimundo Navajos Magia Negra, elite stallion

Estimated adult height: 78 cm approx.

AMHA registry nº: A 231873 parentage qualified

Breed: American Miniature Horse

LeRoy is extremely sociable and loving little horse. He greatly enjoys cuddles form all kinds of people. Even in new situations he is naturally very laid back and calm. He his currently in the advanced stages of therapy horse training and has already done some horse assisted activities for little kids and families.

Click here to watch a video of LeRoy´s behavior during his first clipping.

Click here to watch a video of LeRoy as an eight day old foal.

Click here to watch a video of Leroy training to be confident around potentially scary things. 

Click here to watch Leroy learning to play with a big ball.

Click here to watch a video of Leroy´s sire.



What is therapy with miniature horses?

There is a great variety of different miniature horse assisted therapies and activities, as they are always adapted to the specific needs of the clients. The three most common modalities are:

  • Individual therapies in which a professional therapist (psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, coach, etc) incorporates miniature horse assisted therapy in the treatment of the client.
  • Group activities run in schools, social education centers, nursing homes etc. These activities commonly include, among others, games and exercises that specifically work hand and eye coordination, verbal communication, body language, relaxation etc.
  • Therapeutic visits in residential homes, hospitals, nursing homes etc. in which the miniature therapy horse visits each person individually, adapting the visit to the needs of each person.

Miniature therapy horse: Jantana MagicEquus

Caballo miniatura americano Jantana MagicEquus

Name: MagicEquus Jantana

Date of birth: 29/03/2016

Sex: filly

Color: bay

Dam: Brume dAvril du Cap de la Coste

Sire: Millenium Duffys Sebastian

Expected adult height: 72-73 cm (at the withers)

Current weight: 50 kg

AMHA registry nº: A 226143 parentage qualified

Jantana is the one in a million horse: she has the sweetest and most loving temperament and is absolutely stunningly tiny and refined. Many call her "the horse with the heart on her head", due to the heart shaped marking on her forehead combined with her loving attitude. Jantana is the ambassador of our miniature  therapy horse training center. She is currently completing her training as miniature therapy horse, proving to truly have a huge heart!!!



Miniature therapy horse: JoyJoy MagicEquus

 caballo-miniatura micro mini JoyJoy MagicEquus
 Name: JoyJoy MagicEquus

Date of birth: 26/05/2016

Sex: filly

Color: black

Expected adult height: 75 cm (at the withers)

Training level: currently completing her training as a miniature therapy horse

Prize: will be for sale once graduated from therapy horse training

Registry: European miniature horse (50% AMH), DNA tested

JoyJoy is absolutely tiny, very sweet and also has a beautiful small Arabian type head. She is truly a little sunshine, which is why we gave her the name JoyJoy. She is currently in training as a miniature therapy horse. Her father is our amazing small black stallion, Dimundo Navajos Magia Negra, aka Magic. 




Jazzy MagicEquus, miniature therapy horse

caballo miniatura recibiendo mimos

Name: Jazzy MagicEquus

Date of birth: 16/06/2016

Sex: mare

Color: chestnut

Dam: Angie of Chestnut Stable

Sire: Dimundo Navajos Magia Negra, elite stallion

Expected adult height: 80 cm (at the withers)

Breed: European Miniature horse (50 % American)

Jazzy is very loving, gentle and extremely sweet natured. She is currently finishing her training as a therapy horse. Her abilities include among others: peeing on command, climbing stairs, playing ball with people, targetting etc.

Click here to watch a video of her amazing sire.

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