About us

Carolin Schröder, veterinarian, animal behaviorist and trainer


Carolin Schröder, is founder and CEO at MagicEquus®. 

Veterinarian specialized in clinical behavioral medicine and animal welfare. Carolin holds a master in clinical behavioral medicine and animal welfare (MSc Zaragoza University) and a MMA from Yale University. 

Carolin is an experienced teacher who loves to share her passion about stress free veterinary care, science based humane animal training methods and ethologically sound horse management. As a veterinary behaviorist and animal trainer, Carolin has extensively worked treating animals with behavioral problems. Currently she concentrates her work on animal training and teaching students and professionals in the fields of animal behavior, as well as equine health care and management. In addition she dedicates time to research, writing articles and educational material. Most recently she published the worldwide first "Miniature Therapy Horse Welfare Guidelines", a much needed document to help guarantee working therapy horses wellbeing.


 Tico Madrid Glez, is an experienced equine veterinarian and specialist in equine practice, fully certified by the FVE (Federation of Veterinarians of Europe).

Tico graduated from the prestigious Leon Veterinary School. In his last year at vet school he was awarded a Séneca scholarship for a year long internship at the Córdoba Veterinary School. From 2010- 2016  Tico has worked as a full time equine vet at the Equihealth Hospital in Barcelona, a large equine hospital specialized in sport´s horses. For three consecutive years, Tico has also been a team veterinarian at the final cup of the CSIO International Jumping Competition in Barcelona, one the most important competitions in the international equestrian calendar.

Tico currently lives in Asturias where he runs his own highly successful equine veterinary practice.



veterinarian at the MagicEquus veterinary internship


David Iglesias, veterinarian specialized in bovine medicine, with 25 years of clinical experience in bovine practice as well as small animal surgery.

Expert in artificial insemination, bovine ecography, bovine embryo sexing and embryo transfer techniques.

David is, together with his veterinary brother, founder of the prestigious iVet Veterinary Hospital of Asturias. He is currently the veterinary director of the Large Animal and Bovine Reproduction Department of the iVet Veterinary Hospital.