MagicEquus® Internships


The MagicEquus team is very sad to announce that due to the current Covid-19 pandemic,

all our internships are cancelled until further notice. 


MagicEquus® International Human and Horse Training Center offers two unique, hands on full immersion internships: 

Pre-Veterinary and Veterinary Internship: a worldwide unique program based on rotating 1&1 mentorships designed by vets for future vets.

Animal Behavior and Training Internship: a program unlike any others, designed for students and professionals interested in developing their knowledge and skills in humane science based animal training.

Internships take place on our ranch and surroundings in Asturias, Northern Spain. Asturias is famous for its amazing landscapes with stunning mountains, green pastures and beautiful beaches, often called the green paradise of Spain. Guided by top professionals, you will work with horses of all kinds, including our herd of more then 30 miniature horses and trained therapy horses. In your free time, combine your unique learning experience with lots of fun and exciting recreational opportunities. MagicEquus® internships stand for a once in a lifetime experience!


MagicEquus® internships are developed and taught by experienced equine veterinarians, animal behaviorists and trainers, to help you become an outstanding professional in your field!