The proper maintenance of our miniature horses, based on the real natural needs of the horse, is a keystone in our miniature therapy horse breeding and training program.

Only mentally balanced, healthy and happy horses can fulfill all their potential and become great therapy horses. To achieve this, all horses regardless of their age, need plenty of free movement, a rich social life in a herd setting and a forage based diet.

Therefore none of our horses live confined in stables with restricted diets. Instead, all of them live in small groups or herds in big open barns with permanent access to large dynamic paddocks, daily access to fresh pastures and free choice hay offered in slow feeder hay nets.

Besides the different barns, our facilities also include a very large indoor training arena, a small laboratory, a quarantine station, a European style hot walker, 8 birthing stables sized 3 x 4 m and plenty of pastures.