MagicEquus® Miniature Therapy Horse Training Center

MagicEquus® Miniature Therapy Horse Training Center is a unique center specialized in training miniature horses for working as therapy horses in animal assisted therapies.

All our horses are trained using scientifically proven, humane, training methods based on positive reinforcement. This guarantees that the horses remain mentally healthy, while they also really enjoy working.

To us, miniature therapy horses are true partners in animal assisted therapy, they are not tools to be "used" as wished. Therefore, their happiness and welfare must come first in all aspects. For this reason, we have dedicated a great deal of time developing the worldwide first Miniature Therapy Horse Welfare Guidelines which we implement in all our programs. 

Therapists that choose to purchase a fully trained MagicEquus® therapy horse are required to complete our Miniature Therapy Horse Foundation Workshop and are expected to fulfill all welfare requirements described in our welfare guidelines.

Therapy horses that have graduated from our training program are currently working with great success in horse assisted therapeutic programs with autistic children, youth at risk for social exclusion, disabled people and elderly. They work in residential homes, schools, private practices and even in hospitals. 

Click below to watch videos of therapy horse training sessions and to see therapy horses currently available and/or in training.