MagicEquus® therapy horses

MagicEquus® Miniature Horse Stud is specialized in breeding, raising and fully training miniature horses suitable for therapy work. Therefore our breeding program is centered on producing foals that are extremely sociable, people oriented, calm, resilient, as well as excellent learners. 

Our miniature therapy horses work with great success in horse assisted therapies with autistic children, disabled people of all ages and the elderly.

MagicEquus miniature therapy horses go through a very extensive, as least one year long, training program. This specialized training teaches the horses to remain calm and relaxed in all sorts of situations and environments, preparing them in great detail for all the different type of contexts they will work in. 

In addition, many of our therapy horses also learn specific skills such as: peeing on command (this prevents indoor "accidents"), placing their head at the edge of a bed in response to the petting of a bedridden person, putting their head in the lap of sitting people, walking up and down stairs (normal sized minis only, not micro minis), giving hand kisses etc.

All our horses are trained using scientifically proven training methods based on positive reinforcement. This guarantees that the horses remain mentally healthy and truly enjoy working.

If you are looking for a fully trained miniature therapy horse, please feel free to contact us. We do offer fully trained miniature therapy horses for sale, as well as the possibility of custom training one of our chosen foals. Please note that fully trained therapy horses are only sold to professionals qualified in animal assisted therapies. In addition, in order to help you succeed in the work with your therapy horse, the completion of our Miniature Therapy Horse Foundation Workshop prior to purchasing one of our trained therapy horses is mandatory.